October 29, 2010

So help me God...

When I was putting Harper in the car at the drug store this morning, I was kind of in a zone... I had just learned that my favorite diaper cream (the ONLY kind worth using in my opinion) has been discontinued. Why don't companies discontinue their dumb useless products? Instead... It's always something genius they do away with, like the P.B. Maxx or Sour Lemon Sharks or Triple Paste diaper cream.

So, anyways... I was zoning and I hoisted Harper into his car seat and he bonked his knee. He grabbed it and yelled, "God, help me!"

I was a little astonished because that is not a phrase we really unless we are praying, so I asked him where that came from and he answered as if I should already know.

"I ask God to help me and He will give me joy. And some food."

So, even for Harper, today is a God-help-me kind of day... And maybe even that kind of week. Actually, this is just a God-help-me kind of life. So, today I am going to cry out for God to give me help, joy and perhaps a little snack.

While my deepest joy comes from knowing a God who genuinely hears my cries, a more shallow, fleeting joy comes from candy. So, let us all pray that God will help us through these we-need-Him kind of lives and throw a prayer in that a P.B. Maxx (or another senselessly discontinued candy product) rains down like manna from heaven.


  1. Throw those mini m&m's in the air and they'll be better than manna.

  2. um, triple paste has been discontinued?! we don't really have plans for more children, but now i really can't have any more if that doesn't exist.

  3. tiffany - i was as shocked/appalled as you are. so, i contacted triple paste. they actually said they are not discontinuing triple paste. not sure what mix-up was (or if there was no mix-up and this is all a big conspiracy, which i'm leaning towards).