February 17, 2012

anonymous comments no longer welcome.

I would like to apologize to my blog followers, and regular blog checkers for the comment that somebody anonymously posted on a video of my son.  While I am infuriated at the remark, I am not surprised that the cowardly comment was left anonymously.  I invite anybody who has a question, remark or even a disagreement about the content of my blog to freely leave comments.  HOWEVER, I would expect that comments are left with respect and some sort of maturity.  If not, they will be deleted.  Racial or demeaning remarks are not welcome on my blog.  Unfortunately, I feel that I can no longer allow anonymous users to leave comments.

Additionally, all readers should be made aware that I do my best to maintain some sense of control and reason in my life.  As a mother, I cannot promise that I will maintain either control, or reason, when it comes to nasty, hateful or derogatory comments made toward/about my children.  While I often view it as a responsibility to educate others on racial sensitivity, I feel a much greater responsibility to beat senseless the person who dares to cross my kids.

Thank you and good day.


  1. I'm sorry you even had to mention something like this... breaks my heart....